Quotes Growing up in West Virginia I went to Repases Barber Shop to get my hair cut from the time I was old enough to get a hair cut, I remember the booster seat as I sat in the barber chair. When I moved to Payson I was delighted to find the treasure that is Lou's, I love the smells the comradarie and the atmosphere of a REAL barber shop. Quotes
George Loesch
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Oh, why can't everything around us be as solid, dependable, and reasonably-priced as is their haircuts? Been getting my hair cut by Cherie since the mid-1980s and they'll plant me in one of hers, too-- they're THAT good. Quotes
Lee Richan

Quotes I've been comming to Lou's Barbershop for over 5 years now. I look forward to my visit every month. They are both delightful and wonderful Barbers, fun to talk to and very nice people. If you want to feel like you stepped into a shop 60 years ago(I'm not that old but I've seen the Andy Griffith show and it feels like a barbershop of that show to me) and get a "real" haircut you've got to try out Lou's. Don't ever let another girl with silver tipped and spiked up hair cut your hair again. Get a real mans haircut. Come to Lou's! Quotes
Dave Rice

Quotes Lou and Cherie give the best flat top hair cuts that I have ever had. It is hard to find someone now day's who can give a good flat top. Give them a try if you like flat tops, our even just a hair cut. Quotes
Don Carter

Quotes I've been a satisfied customer for a few years now. I like the old time feel at the shop and a nice haircut. You also can't beat chatting with some of the old timers that com in. Quotes
Lee Higginson

Quotes Lou and Cherie are my two favorite barbers. Give them a try and you won't ever want to go anywhere else! Quotes
Roger Brown